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Taildragger Instruction

Learn to fly taildraggers in this beautiful Bellanca Citabria.

We are one of the few places to offer tailwheel training. Getting a tailwheel (conventional gear) endorsement in your logbook is an excellent way to do a flight review or brush up on your flying skills and in the end you will be a better pilot. Our Citbria is easy to handle and lots of fun to fly!

The reasons that people elect to fly tailwheel aircraft are numerous, but all are valid. For some, it affords the ability to fly low and slow, allowing one to “smell the roses”. For others it is the only type of aircraft that can access remote or rough surfaced runways. For some it brings their mentality back to an earlier age of aviation when flying was not about ATC, and GPS, autopilots, TFRs and FARs, but about stick and rudder skills and being totally connected in a visceral way to the aircraft being flown. No matter what your reason...learning to fly a tailwheel aircraft will make you a better pilot!

1976 Bellanca Citabria

  • $150/hour
  • $40/hour Instructor

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 Renters insurance required

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