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All it takes is desire, committment, and money.

It's been said that a mile of road will take you a mile, but a mile of runway will take you anywhere.

These are some of the basic FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) requirements to obtain a pilot's license:

1. A minimum of forty hours of flying time which includes:

  • Twenty hours flight instruction with a qualified flight instructor;
  • Three hours night including 1 cross country of 100 nmi and a minimum ten take offs and landings at night;
  • Three hours of preparation for the pilot's test;
  • Ten hours of solo flight- five hours of practice and five hours of cross country flight.

2. A minimum age of seventeen and be able to read, write, and speak English.

3. Must be able to obtain a third class physical from an appropriately qualified physician.

In actuality, anyone can take flying lessons. However, it does take a considerable amount of determination on the part of an individual to complete the necessary time to gain the skills required to obtain a license.

It is recommended that, at a minimum, a student fly once per week for an hour or two. When possible, two flights per week are strongly encouraged to reduce recurrent training.

Rates are $140.00/hr dual (which includes the plane, fuel, and instructor time), $40.00/hr. ground (which includes preflight, discussion of the lesson, and evaluation after the lesson), $85.00/hr for unsupervised solo (dry). The solo time is normally after approximately sixteen to twenty hours of dual.

There are several planes to pick from when learning to fly with Rich Bartlett. Choose from a Cessna 172M, a Piper Warrior, or a Bellanca Citabria. The instructor is available seven days a week and would be glad to discuss any questions you might have. Telephone: 973-222-4488 (cell) or 973-875-9830 (home).

We also do instrument training, flight reviews, currency training, aircraft upgrade, and transition training including tailwheel training.

Sightseeing tours of the area are also available.

Planes are also available for rental. These include a Cessna 172M, Piper Warrior, Piper Arrow, and a Bellanca Citabria. Check out the services section for more information and photos.  

Looking forward to flying with you.

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